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A snowy night

There is something magical and terrifying about driving home at 1 a.m. during what the weather people are saying is “the most terrible storm in 20 years!” But tonight when I drove home at 1 a.m., it wasn’t all that terrible. Not yet.

It was snowy, yes, the kind of snow that looks like flour mixed up with some sugar, maybe a little butter, kind of crumbly, lumpy and soft. Not very deep yet. Maybe 4 inches?

And it was slippery. One big SUV had spun around and was facing the embankment of the freeway. We all slowed down when we saw that.

But there weren’t a lot of us out on the freeway. We Minnesotans take our weather  seriously. We also take our guilt seriously — I think we feel guilty, out driving around when everyone on the radio and TV is saying, “Stay home! It’s the storm of the decade! If not the century!”

It well might be. It is supposed to last for days. It is disrupting the holidays for all Midwesterners. Plans will change, families will be separated, families will exult if they make it to their destinations, and kids will want to try out their new sleds.

A snowy Christmas Eve, a snowy Christmas Day. The magical part to remember is the beauty, the quiet, the diamonds that sparkle before we return to reality, and while we drive home at 1 a.m.

Snowy home

This is how my house looks now -- with a little more snow, maybe, and a wreath by the door -- but this photo was taken April 1, 2008.


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