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Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you should wear hip hugger blue jeans. If you’re skinny and you’re about 14 or 15, OK, probably, if you know there is NO CHANCE that you (or your daughter or little sister or niece) will be called a skank.

But I know a very skinny woman who is in her late 40s, and it would be doing her a real kindness to tell her that she should not be wearing a tight knit shirt tucked in to even tighter hip huggers tucked in to extremely tight, knee-high boots. Nor does it help that her tight shirt is open, well, down to THERE.

But back to the hip huggers. Women Of A Certain Age don’t always retain their youthful appearance, even if they gain not an ounce. That is true in the case of this woman.

This is what a muffin top looks like, as seen in Wikipedia. And this is not an extreme case!

Hello, can you say “muffin top?” That would be what happens when you have that extra little pudge bulging over the top of those hip huggers. It gives the appearance, for those of you not in the know, of a muffin overflowing its festive paper cup. And muffin tops can, I suppose, be a result of too many muffins, paper cup notwithstanding.

This look might be acceptable in a biker bar or in Sturgis in August, but our hip mama wore this to work. Granted, it was a casual Friday, but that was a little too casual. Perhaps I am hard-hearted. Perhaps I am worried that this woman has daughters who will think this is a good look — or, more likely, find it horrifying and pretend she is not their mother.

Did I wear hip huggers? Why yes, I did. In junior high, when I was so skinny you could count my ribs. It still was not a flattering look, even though I and all my girlfriends thought so at the time. I think that this just goes to show that some girls can grow up, but can never grow a fashion sense.

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